This technical solution provides an internal unit with integrated digital controller and an external unit.

The indoor unit of the air conditioner is the smallest in the series, it only provides for the reading and adjustment of the temperature, the ambient humidity value is not legible.

Available in anthracite black painted version.

Before delivery to the Customer, the BACCO system undergoes rigorous checks with final testing lasting 48 hours.

Installation requires the intervention of a qualified technician.


Temperature is a fundamental parameter for wine ageing and maintenance in a cellar that must stay between 14°C and 16°C.

A normal domestic air conditioner can reach a minimum temperature of 18°C while our system, in a properly insulated room, can reach up to 12°C. 

Sudden temperature changes, even by a few degrees, can compromise the quality of the wine.

Maintenance of the cellar temperature does not just depend on the refrigeration power of the air conditioning unit, but also the energy efficiency of the premises.

In particular, it is important to check the presence of any heat dispersion and insulation of all the surfaces on the premises: from the perimeter walls to the entrance door, from the floor to any windows.

The BACCO systems have a probe connected to the electrical panel, complete with a cable of variable length from 3 to 10 metres, for temperature detection.

By adjusting the values via the digital controller, the operation of the refrigerator circuit or of an electrical resistor will be activated, according to the configuration and the needs of the surrounding environment.


Suitable for a cellar spaceup to 20 m3**
Power supply voltage230 V / 1ph/50 Hz
Cooling capacity601 w (cold only) at 25 °C external temperature
Cellar internal minimum air temperature12°C (only adjustable to increase)
Components of the “BACCO SYSTEM”:Indoor unit
Outdoor unit
External finish:Indoor unit: in brushed STAINLESS STEEL;
Indoor unit: anthracite black painted (on request)
Electrical panel: in brushed STAINLESS STEEL
Outdoor unit: in brushed STAINLESS STEEL
Air temperature readingDigital
Instruction manualYes

* The technical data outlined may be subject to change due to the continuous performance enhancements. Therefore Montec srl reserves the right to change them without any prior warning.

** This value refers to an adequately insulated premises, with particular reference to: walls, ceiling, floor, entrance door and windows; any glass doors and walls must be built using low-emissivity glass.

The unit does not have a “dehumidification” function as standard and therefore it does not remove humidity beyond that normally extracted during operation of the compressor.