From 20 to 130 m3, based on the dimensions of your cellar and your needs, you can choose one of the six “BACCO SYSTEM” models.
With the “BACCO SYSTEM” reduce waste and optimise functionalities.


The BACCO SYSTEM air conditioning units are manufactured in Italy by Montec srl in its factory in Borgo Valbelluna, focusing on excellence and utmost product reliability.

Before dispatch to the client, BACCO air conditioning units undergo rigorous electrical and functionality testing lasting 48 hours non-stop with 4 parameters recorded relating to the air temperatures of the evaporation circuit and the condensation circuit.


Normal conditioners overly dry the air and they do not go under 16/17°C and they have no type of humidity control/management in the air.

The lack of a device capable of adjusting and maintaining the percentage of humidity in the environment could compromise maturation and refinement, and therefore the correct ageing of a bottle of wine with a cork.

Also in the barrel for ageing wine and/or spirits, the absence of humidity causes excess drying of the barrel slats with excess evaporation of the product and resulting economic damage.Almost all the BACCO SYSTEMS have a measurement probe for the percentage of humidity with a standard 3-metre cable which can be elongated, on request, to 10 metres.

The data detected by the probe are processed by the digital controller which can activate a humidifier or a dehumidifier according to the data programmed by the client.


Sudden temperature surges, even by a few degrees, can compromise the natural ageing process of a bottle of wine and therefore all BACCO air conditioning units have a digital controller that instantly measures the air temperature in the wine cellar.
The measurement probe of the temperature has a standard 3-metre cable which can be elongated, on request to 10 metres.

The data detected by the probe are processed by the digital controller which can activate: a condensing unit or an electrical resistor according to the data programmed by the client.


BACCO air conditioning units for cellars are manufactured in Italy, aiming for excellence.

BACCO air conditioning units, beside the name, have a number that approximately refers to the volume of an ideal premises with low heat dispersion. This “number” must not be considered an absolute value but is purely approximate and refers to premises with good “energy performance”.

To measure an air conditioning unit, it is important to calculate the refrigeration power requirements in thermal Kw.

The client’s cellar premises, even if equal volume to the number, could be sufficient or insufficient according to the level of insulation on the premises and the programmed working temperature.

An example: a wall exposed to sunlight can absorb such thermal power (heat), according to the inclination of the sun, to considerably reduce the power of the air conditioning unit.


The efficiency of the air conditioning unit is strictly related to the energy efficiency of the premises, in particular the degree of insulation in the floor, the walls, the ceiling, any windows (not necessary) and entrance door.



Via email, compiling the form below or, by phone. In both cases, we can offer you free consultation to understand the condition of your cellar and how to intervene to create the ideal environment for ageing and refinement of your wine.

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