The BACCO 20SP has a simplified digital controller that only includes reading and adjustment of the temperature without the external electric box to simplify installation operations. The ambient humidity value is not legible.

Before dispatch to clients, 100% of BACCO air conditioning units undergo rigorous electrical and functionality testing lasting 48 hours, the last 8 of which record the traces of 4 parameters relating to the air temperatures of the evaporation circuit and the condensation circuit.

The BACCO 20SP air conditioning unit is a reliable, Italian product on the market for over 3 years. The BACCO 20SP air conditioning unit and its components are the result of continuous enhancement to obtain maximum reliability.

A cellar is not a refrigerator, but a place where, in the presence of an ideal micro-climate, wine is refined and aged slowly to perfect the processes that enhance the flavours and the aromas of your red and white wine.


Air conditionable volume 20 m3
(volume referring to a correctly internally insulated premises and with good energy efficiency)


Wine is a delicate product which does not tolerate temperature surges and light. To preserve and refine bottled wine, it is important to have a cellar air conditioning unit that maintains a stable temperature in the cellar between 12° and 16°. For this reason, the digital controller of the BACCO cellar air conditioning unit is calibrated by default by the manufacturer at 14°. Maintenance of the cellar temperature does not just depend on the refrigeration power of the air conditioning unit, but also the “energy efficiency” of the cellar premises which must maintain the temperature set. In particular, it is important to check the presence of heat dispersion and insulation of all the surfaces on the premises: from the perimeter walls to the entrance door, from the floor to any windows.


Suitable for a cellar premises up to 20 m3** in volume.
Power supply voltage230 V / 1ph/50 Hz
Cooling power601 w (cold only) at 25 °C external temperature
Cellar internal minimum air temperature12°C (only increase-adjustable)
BACCO 20SP” components:Indoor unit
Outdoor unit
External finish:Indoor unit: in brushed STAINLESS STEEL (STD supplied)
or painted anthracite black (on request) with surcharge;
Outdoor unit: in brushed STAINLESS STEEL
Air temperature readingDigital reading
% humiditynot planned
Instruction manualYes

* The technical data outlined may be subject to change due to the continuous performance enhancements. Therefore Montec srl reserves the right to change them without any prior warning.

(**) Value refers to an adequately insulated premises, with particular reference to: walls, ceiling, floor, entrance door and windows; any glass doors and walls must be built using low emission glass.

The unit does not have a “dehumidification” function as standard and therefore it does not remove humidity beyond that normally extracted during operation of the compressor.


Via email, compiling the form below or, by phone. In both cases, we can offer you free consultation to understand the condition of your cellar and how to intervene to create the ideal environment for ageing and refinement of your wine.